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Registration railway:East Siberian Railway
Depot:TCHE-7 Ulan-Ude
Model:TEM18D, TEM18DM
Builder:Bryansk Machine-building factory · Bryansk
Category:Shunting Locomotives
Current condition: New (was not in regular operation) 
С завода поступил в депо Улан-Удэ

This rail vehicle have no any primary photos

 05.2019  —  Arrived from manufacturer (on facility)

Lists of rolling stock:
—  East Siberian Railway → TCHE-7 Ulan-Ude → TEM18D, TEM18DM
—  East Siberian Railway → TCHE-7 Ulan-Ude
—  East Siberian Railway → TEM18D, TEM18DM
—  TEM18D, TEM18DM
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