Railway District/Company:October Railway
Depot:JCK "Jeldorservice"
Model:TEM2, TEM2A
Builder:Bryansk masinery plant   Bryansk
Identification number:15306871
Written off:2018
Category:Shunting Locomotives
Current condition: Written off 
Настоящий номер ТЭМ1-????

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Россия, Ленинградская область, станция Волосово

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Author: Тишкин Р.П.


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Model Depot Built
ТЭМ2-308 TEM2, TEM2A Olkon 07.1969

Lists of rolling stock:
—  October Railway → JCK "Jeldorservice" → TEM2, TEM2A
—  October Railway → JCK "Jeldorservice"
—  October Railway → TEM2, TEM2A
—  TEM2, TEM2A