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Armenian RailwaysTCh-2 Gyumri
 Kuybyshev RailwayTChE-3 Penza (-III)

Railway District/Company:Armenian Railways
Depot:TCh-2 Gyumri
Category:Electric Locomotives
Current condition: Written off 
С завода поступил в депо Пенза-III (04.1969 г.)
02.1977 — передан на ЗКВ ж.д. (депо неизвестно).
09.1978 — временно передан на СВРД ж.д. (депо неизвестно).
10.1978 — передан в депо Ленинакан (Гюмри).

Списан до 2007 г. после крушения.

Railway District/Company:Armenian Railways
Depot:TCh-2 Gyumri
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
October 1978
Railway District/Company:Kuybyshev Railway
Depot:TChE-3 Penza (-III)
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 04.1969  —  Arrived from manufacturer (on facility)

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Lists of rolling stock:
—  Armenian Railways → TCh-2 Gyumri → VL10
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-3 Penza (-III) → VL10
—  Armenian Railways → TCh-2 Gyumri
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-3 Penza (-III)
—  Armenian Railways → VL10
—  Kuybyshev Railway → VL10
—  VL10