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Railway District/Company:Belarusian Railway
Depot:TCh-1 Minsk-Sortirovochnyj
Builder:ČKD   Praha
Identification number:15585086
Category:Shunting Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 
КР-1 ТЧ-10 Жлобин 06.2018 г.

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АС1А-1952, Belarusian Railway
ТЭП70БС-083, Belarusian Railway
ТЭП70БС-175, Belarusian Railway
ЧС4Т-545, Belarusian Railway
ЧМЭ3-2858, Belarusian Railway
ДП6-004, Belarusian Railway

Беларусь, Минск, депо Минск-Сортировочный
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk-Sorting depot
Беларусь, Мінск, дэпо Мінск-Сартавальны

Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Author: Алексей ТЧ-9

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Беларусь, Минск, станция Минск-Восточный
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk-East station
Беларусь, Мінск, станцыя Мінск-Усходні

Sunday, July 26, 2015
Author: Алексей ТЧ-9

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Беларусь, Минск, станция Минск-Южный
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk-Southern station

На заднем плане М62-1548

Saturday, May 3, 2014
Author: EvGeNiY1

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Беларусь, Минск, перегон Степянка — Минск-Восточный
Belarus, Minsk, Stepyanka — Minsk-East stretch
Беларусь, Мiнск, перагон Сцяпянка — Мінск-Усходні

Monday, May 9, 2011
Author: Кентуха

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Lists of rolling stock:
—  Belarusian Railway → TCh-1 Minsk-Sortirovochnyj → ChME3
—  Belarusian Railway → TCh-1 Minsk-Sortirovochnyj
—  Belarusian Railway → ChME3
—  ChME3