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UNIMAT 08-275/3S 048

Railway District/Company:Gorky Railway
Depot:SPMS-318 Nizhnij Novgorod
Model:UNIMAT 08-275/3S
Builder:Kaluga masinery repair plant   Kaluga
Identification number:19555484
Current condition: In operation 

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Россия, Кировская область, станция Котельнич-I

На территории ПЧ-9

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Author: huntertrains

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Lists of rolling stock:
—  Gorky Railway → SPMS-318 Nizhnij Novgorod → UNIMAT 08-275/3S
—  Gorky Railway → SPMS-318 Nizhnij Novgorod
—  Gorky Railway → UNIMAT 08-275/3S
—  UNIMAT 08-275/3S