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Railway District/Company:Moscow Railway
Depot:TChE-29 Kursk-Sortirovochnyy
Model:M62, DM62
Builder:Voroshilovgrad Octoberrevolution Locomotive works  
Identification number:15105240
Category:Diesel Locomotives
Current condition: Out of order 
Note:БЗ Унеча
С завода поступил в депо Шилка Забайкальской ж. д.

На 05.2019 — база запаса Унеча

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Россия, Орловская область, перегон Паньково — Лужки-Орловские

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Author: Vosskuez


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Lists of rolling stock:
—  Moscow Railway → TChE-29 Kursk-Sortirovochnyy → M62, DM62
—  Moscow Railway → TChE-29 Kursk-Sortirovochnyy
—  Moscow Railway → M62, DM62
—  M62, DM62